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My Story

22 months ago I received the 100% clear from my doctor...

I didn't stop there.

The initial prognosis






















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Healthy Choices

All Natural & Chemical Free Toiletries

Stress Reduction

Why Sleep Matters

Foods To Fight Psoriasis 

Healthy activity for Fibromyalgia 

Creativity & Empowerment

Love & Friendship


Physicians & Health Experts

Breast Care Specialist (Dr. Curcio)

Oncologists   (Dr. Link)

Radiologists  (Dr. Cherlow) IORT

Dermatologist  (Dr. Moinfar)

Counseling  (K. Yazbek)

Holistic Practitioner  Yoga Healing

General Practitioner (Dr. Wainwright)


           Nutrition & Body

What Makes Us Get Sick?

 Healthy Environment

 Where You Live Matters